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Audi’s Latest PR Disaster Reveals How People Think | Niklas Göke in Better Marketing

Stories for blogger aja. I'm Only Attracted to White Girls. Mark Cuban's Most Recent Money Advice is Ridiculously Simple And Super Important. This Is How You Save Yourself from Corporate Life.
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Stories for blogger aja
Today's highlights
How an innocent image spawned massive outrage
And other responses from white guys
If you save the way the Shark Tank star suggests, you'll be set for life
The one lie that ruins happy families.
Tim Denning in The AscentMember only content4 min read
In case you missed it
I look at food with a very different eye now…
#1. They will position themselves as the expert
Carrie Wynn in The ViragoMember only content4 min read
If you look at history, religion and violence against people like me go hand in hand
BFoundAPen in LEVELMember only content3 min read
Quick reads
Too good to be true or the next big thing in space exploration?
Salman Hasan in PredictMember only content4 min read
Sixty years ago, Ruth Bader Ginsburg applied to be a Supreme Court clerk. She'd studied at two of our finest…
Today, I celebrate two full years without allowing a single drop of wine or other alcohol touch my lips.
Lonna WhitingMember only content4 min read
Best in Relationships
Life is totally online — we need ways to politely disconnect
Best in Art
Understanding the gap between personal and public responses to art
Most read
My own feelings paled in comparison to the men in my life

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