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You’re not really in love with them. | E.B. Johnson, NLP-MP in LV Development

Stories for blogger aja. Single People Need to Boycott These 5 Frustrating Dating Behaviours Immediately. How I Make $5,000 Online Every Month — Even Though I'm Ordinary. Golang is not Ready for Enterprise Systems yet and Here's Why.
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Stories for blogger aja
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Stop fooling yourself, and stop fooling them. It's time to admit that you're not in love with them.
Flaky people are unreliable. Unreliable people are undatable.
The ordinary strategy for extraordinary results
Jon Brosio in The AscentMember only content9 min read
Introduction Enterprise application is a long-lived, reliable system, having a lot of persisting data for…
Dmitry AfonkinMember only content4 min read
In case you missed it
A crash course in toxic femininity.
You can't control everything that happens during the day, but you can manage how it starts.
Sinem Günel in Mind CafeMember only content7 min read
There is no successful relationship without respect
Tracey Folly in The SxMember only content5 min read
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Their identity is derived from others
Carrie Wynn in The ViragoMember only content3 min read
Don't make the same mistake I did.
Addie Page in The StartupMember only content5 min read
It's an embarrassment of riches in our new weekly roundup of the world's most preventable disease!
LEVEL Editors in LEVELMember only content3 min read
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A stunningly surreal, less than scientific, and spiritually satisfying depiction of life under the sea
Best in Self
How the Feeling Wheel has helped me navigate my emotions during a pandemic
Best in Science
With many Americans taking precautions and avoiding indoor spaces, you might think that dentists would be…
Yasmin Tayag in ElementalMember only content1 min read
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When 14-year-old Jacob wins a flight to Hollywood, every grown-up (including Nicolas Cage) gets in his way
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This happened long ago, before they were cool
John DeVore in HumungusMember only content7 min read

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