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How to Deal with Silence at the Other End of a Breakup | Renata Gomes in Acid Sugar

Stories for blogger aja. How To Easily Build Muscle and Burn Fat Like a Minimalist. A Checklist for the Almost-Perfect Partner. 9 Timeless Ways To Show You're A Class Act.
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Stories for blogger aja
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When the other person goes for no-contact, but you wanted a last word.
4 hours/week is all you need.
Because perfection doesn't work with people (or anything).
Principles to live by in turbulent times
Barry Davret in CuriousMember only content6 min read
In case you missed it
The everyday martial art of talking to someone who disagrees with you
If you need a push right now, I'm hoping they will motivate you too.
Brian Pennie in Mind CafeMember only content4 min read
Information is lost over time when you don't try to retain it
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Your body language can make a bigger impact on your romantic life than any outfit, joke, or wad in your…
The story of Div Turakhia, India's youngest tech billionaire
COVID-19 plus cheap money has created a fake-guru epidemic, but online detectives seek to expose them
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Egyptian scholars aren't happy about video games and movies referencing ancient culture
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In a candid conversation with Kiese Laymon, Mario Woods' mother reflects on his life — and the violence that…
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For centuries, people have been unwilling to grasp the concept that only by undoing the foundation can we…
Angela Y. Davis in LEVEL6 min read
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Private Ethereum example using the proof of authority consensus instead of the more familiar proof of work…
John Tucker in Coinmonks8 min read
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It's not about religion. It's about being honest with yourself.
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The good mother tethered my happiness to my children's happiness. That was hurting them.
We can't afford any more of the president's deadly macho posturing
Jessica Valenti in GENMember only content4 min read

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